"The very first contact with 'the wire' is electrifying. The thematic and rhythmic flow suggest explosive power. The transfer of energy via the conductor works ideally under the following conditions: musicians who are willing to take risks, organic rhythms, daring articulation, contrasts ranging from subtle to rough, humour, and an endless love for even the smallest details." Klaus Laczika

The SchlossCapelle

Die SchlossCapelle, Chamber Orchestra made up of successful soloists and chamber musicians was founded in 2003 as "NCC" with a change of name in 2007, and has played into the hearts of audiences with its "youthful swing and technical perfection" (Quote ORF)

Because of its much-praised interpretations of contemporary music and music of Joseph Haydn, with performances in the Haydnsaal of Esterházy Palace, the orchestra has developed into a special secret tip for connoisseurs, friends of music, composers, and critics.

It is the orchestra's firm belief the past can only be presented with a look to the future all the while remaining grounded in the present. Thus, beside the old master's work concert performances, the SchlossCapelle is always commissioned with new compositions. With time, and in direct cooperation with composers from Austria, Hungary, Slovakia, Belgium and South Korea, many interesting pieces for chamber orchestra have been created and premiered in orchestral cycles, at festivals and concerts here and abroad.

Through interaction with the new vision, interpretation of classical music has been rid of much historical dust, and now appears reborn, as evidenced by the enthusiastic reception given to the SchlossCapelle concerts, live radio, TV broadcasts and CDs.